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Sweet Baby Grace


Grace Catherine

Grace Catherine was born to this world Tuesday morning May 31 st 2005 at 10:01 am. When she came out she was big and beautiful and I was never happier than the moment I first saw her. The labor and delivery went off without a hitch and she had APGAR scores of 9 and 9. She was born with a full head of dark brown hair that everyone loved. We had been so looking forward to her birth and were so happy to have our little girl.

Four months later, on October 12 our worst fear came true. Grace was diagnosed with Krabbe disease and our time together would be brief. We struggled with the notion of an illness for which there was no treatment or cure. We questioned how such suffering could be bestowed on such an innocent, peaceful, smart, and sweet baby girl. From the day she was born, we poured all we had and more into making Grace’s too short life comfortable.

On June 3, 2006 three days after her first birthday our beautiful, sweet baby Grace passed away to the next place. Krabbe disease would progressively take away her life, but not her beautiful spirit.

This is the story of our beloved daughter, Sweet Baby Grace,whose seemingly effortless beauty, ease, and charm continue to inspire and motivate us. We will carry her in our hearts forever.
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Krabbe Disease